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When the transforming bed is opened, a mattress will appear immediately. The size of the mattress can be determined freely. You can sleep on as big a bed as you want.


Of course, you should also pay attention to whether the elevator in your building is large enough and move the bed frame/mattress into the elevator. Generally speaking, most elevators can accommodate a 4-5-foot bed frame/mattress, but a 6-foot bed frame may not be able to enter. So you need to pay attention when purchasing.


Our bed frames are made from high-quality steel and are formed in one piece. Can withstand 200kg gravity. The off-the-shelf model does not have a leg protection design. Customers can choose to remove the leg rails at the bed box, or use L-shaped corner codes to fix the bed box to the wall.


The weight of the mattress is required to be around 25Kg so that the mattress can be balanced when opened.


The mattress should not be too heavy or too light. If the mattress is too heavy, it will fall quickly; if it is too light, it will rebound.


Our deformable bed frame is equipped with metal feet that automatically lower. When the reverse bed is opened, the metal feet will slowly lower themselves. The entire process is automatic and buffered. No human hands are required to open the metal feet.

床箱收起來佔地面積只有350mm,十分節省你房間/客廳的空間。但如果入面想加購床頭軟包,床箱的厚度就會增加到400 mm 厚。

The bed box covers an area of ​​only 350mm when folded, which greatly saves space in your room/living room. But if you want to purchase a soft bedside bag, the thickness of the bed box will increase to 400 mm.


The panel of the bed box is equipped with leather handles to facilitate daily opening and closing of the transformable bed.


Our deformable bed frame has been tested and can be opened and closed repeatedly 100,000 times. Extremely durable.


Specifications of 3-foot transformable bed


Specifications of 4-foot transformable bed


Specifications of 5-foot transformable bed


Specifications of 6-foot transformable bed


The size of the transformer bed can be determined freely. You can choose the transformable bed you need according to the space in your room. If you have enough space in your room, then you only need to decide how wide a mattress you want to sleep on. However, if the opening and closing of the transformable bed may be affected by the space in the room, you should determine the outer size of the transformable bed according to the space in the room. As for the final size of the mattress, you can leave it to us to help you calculate it. Our company also provides mattress customization services, which can customize transformable beds of any size, saving you time.



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